Make your space clutter free

Make your space clutter free

In medieval times, a home meant one big room. There was no such thing as a kitchen, living room or bedroom. There was a central fireplace for warmth and to cook food, with straw-filled pallets laid on the floor for sleeping.

Over time, walls went up to divide the home into function specific areas, which catered to our changing attitudes to privacy, cleanliness and class. Today, down the walls come again. Central heating and exhaust fans mean we no longer need walls to keep heat in and cooking smells out. Also the call for eco living in the face of higher rents and resource depletion has led to a rise in minimalist lifestyles across the globe.

“We’ve passed the peak of the proliferation and specialisation of rooms which happened in the Victorian age: billiard rooms, morning rooms, parlours, studies. It was a use of space that’s no longer affordable.” Says Lucy Worsley, Curator of Historic Royal Palaces. “The trend now is like a return to medieval living. I live in an open-plan flat with one central space. I use it for cooking, for eating, for watching TV – and guests sleep on my sofa.”

Today’s architects develop ideas that can easily convert a space from a bedroom into a living room, a study and/or entertainment space. It’s all about transferrable design, which is clutter free and gives the illusion of space.

As the young, unmarried population increases in Pakistan as each year passes, this trend of a clutter free life shows a massive increase. The early-twenties career goals, look not to buy/rent a 5-bedroom house in which to breed a future family but rather an apartment with a view to wake up to or a space that is easy to maintain and functional to his/her particular lifestyle. In this changing metropolis, the one thing that features supreme change is furniture design.

A cubic shelf can detach to make a table and two chairs; A shelf that’s also a coat hanger; An ironing board that flips over to give you a full-length mirror and last but never least a sofa come bed. A most popular piece of furniture ever since its introduction into the consumer market; designed by African American inventor Leonard C Bailey in 1899.

You can use it as a guest-bed or if you are really short of space as your own personal bed. Celeste gives you three designs and three price options to choose from namely the ‘Two-Seater’, ‘Contempo’ and ‘Comforti’.

The Two Seater as the name suggests is an extravagant velvet couch for two persons with a thick cushioning and tasteful metal feet. The easy to use pull out mechanism allows for one person to comfortable spend the night on it.

The Contempo is a slightly more elegant in design and incorporates more than a few functional elements. It is a three seater upholstered in top quality brown velvet with separate adjustable backs. The middle back cushion can be pulled down to serve as a centre table and the seat can be pulled out to make a comfortable bed for two. This stylish piece of furniture is a practical choice for any contemporary living space.

The Comforti is in fact a leather ottoman for two, the sides of which are upholstered in rich genuine leather whilst the cushioning is in soft brown velvet. When the mechanism for transformation is activated, the ottoman doubles in width so that the arms make for the bed head and foot. The bed is suitable for one person only.

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