Shop the ultimate sleeping foundation

Shop the ultimate sleeping foundation

Just as our elders and teachers told us not to slouch when we walk or not to drag our feet because it destroyed our gait, so too are there standards to measure sleep quality. There are many adults who after a certain age find it difficult to sleep the optimum eight hours that experts advise. In fact most adults after 35 and some at an even younger age sleep only five to six hours out of the twenty-four in a day. While friends, family and sometimes even expert therapists write this off to anxiety and depression, there are less complicated reasons as well that could be the cause of your erratic and disturbed sleep cycle.

One of these is the type of mattress you are sleeping in and the other, the position you sleep in or are used to sleeping in.

Celeste has created an innovative series of eight ultimate mattresses that are designed according to your particular body type and comfort needs. Visit and choose the mattress that you think will give you the optimum sleep experience. Have our E-store deliver the mattress to your home and try it out for a full two weeks! If you find it unsuitable for your needs, return it as per the return policy.

Since most osteopaths suggest memory foam as the prime ingredient for a restful experience, our ultimate series includes three variations for your convenience i.e. Celeste Memory Cool Gel which is recommended for those with weak backs or regular back pain; Celeste Memory Luxe with a double sided layering of memory and ortho foam which can be used interchangeably according to the need of the hour and Celeste Memory, with a single layer of memory foam and pocket springs which alleviate pressure from the body and distribute body weight evenly across the surface.

However finding the mattress that seems to fit your requirement is only half your battle. Once you have brought one home, it must pass a two week test of comfort and for this one must be aware of the expert recommended positions for sleeping so as to make an informed decision about your buy.

On your back “Lying on the back will increase the tendency of the tongue to fall onto the back of the throat,” says Dr Dev Banerjee, consultant sleep physician at Birmingham Heartlands hospital. “Snoring is caused by the vibration of the palate or fluttering of the tongue base on the throat. For this reason, I advise patients not to sleep in this position.”

According to Idzikowski, Director of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre if you’re going to sleep on your back, it’s best to take up as much space as you can. “Drifting off with your arms outstretched and legs slightly parted allows the body to relax.” However any position on your back will lead to snoring and might disturb your partner.

On your side“As long as the mattress and pillows are supportive,” explains osteopath and sleep expert Danny Williams, “this position maintains a neutral spine, allowing it to lengthen. Also, breathing is not compromised and all of the body functions work well.” Chris Idzikowski, agrees by saying “It is also one of the healthiest positions.”

On one side, arms reaching out “This is an excellent position to sleep in, and the one I recommend,” says Sammy Margo, London based Physiotherapist. “Lying on either side can help the structures of the back discs, muscles and ligaments adopt an optimal position. ”Having your arms in front of you will prevent them going to sleep. You may wish to position yourself at a quarter turn so that you are not squashing your shoulders together. To achieve the midline position, which helps maintain the natural curves of the spine, a pillow placed between bent knees can be helpful to support the hips,” says Margo. “If you have a soft bed, or an hourglass figure, pillows can be placed under the waist to support midriff and back.”

Using these guidelines test out your mattress for comfort and a long-lasting and healthy sleep experience.

Happy Shopping!

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